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Shure Ulxd24/sm58-h50

Shure Ulxd24/sm58-h50

Shure Ulxd24/sm58-h50  Shure Ulxd24/sm58-h50
Shure ULX-D Digital Wireless Handheld Microphone Kit with SM58 Capsule (H50: 534 to 598 MHz). Expandable up to 60 Channels. 12 Hr with SB900A Rechargeable Battery.

Shure ULX-D Digital Wireless Handheld Microphone Kit with SM58 Capsule. Provides singers, speakers, hosts, and broadcasters with clear and accurate audio, reliable RF transmission, and secure AES 256-bit encryption for professional events in large venues and installations. The dynamic, cardioid SM58 capsule is a proven performer, minimizing ambient sound around the mic and focusing audio capture close to the vocalist or presenter. The kit includes a ULXD4 single-channel receiver and a ULXD2 handheld transmitter with an SM58 capsule.

Shure ULXD4 Single-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver (H50: 534 to 598 MHz). Part of the ULX-D wireless series, the.

Houses a single digital receiver in a rugged half-rack unit with an external power supply. The ULX-D Series simplifies the set up and management of large numbers of wireless systems. It is ideal for professional sound reinforcement applications in large live venues and houses of worship, as well as A/V installations in conference, educational, and corporate facilities. Compatible with a wide selection of Shure transmitters and mic capsules, it delivers pristine 24-bit/48 kHz digital audio, capturing every detail with clarity, accurate low end, and crisp transient response. The ULX-D operates in the UHF band, utilizing Digital Predictive Switching Diversity to protect the transmission from interference, delivering rock-solid RF signal stability without audio artifacts. In Standard mode you can run up to 17 channels per 6 MHz TV channel, at a range up to 330'. Alternatively, the High-Density mode lets you run up to 47 channels per 6 MHz TV channel, at a maximum range of 98'. The system offers AES-256 encryption for security. The unit features audio and RF meters, 60 dB of gain control, and both XLR and 1/4 outputs. A large LCD screen and intuitive controls let you quickly make adjustments, even in low-light situations.

Additional features include automatic frequency scanning, IR sync, gain optimization to match any input source, and internal limiting to prevent clipping. The Ethernet port allows multiple receivers to be easily networked together for simplified frequency coordination and deployment via Shure's Wireless Workbench software. In addition, the Channels Mobile App enables you to control the system remotely from an iOS device. Shure Professional-Grade Digital Wireless Audio Quality. 24-bit/48 kHz digital audio delivers clear and accurate sound reproduction.

Extended 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range with flat response. > 120 dB wide dynamic range for excellent signal-to-noise performance.

Up to 60 dB of independently adjustable gain for each channel. Works with a wide selection of Shure mics and transmitter types including the ULXD1 bodypack and ULXD2 handheld transmitters that provide complete mobility for presenters/performers, and the ULXD6 boundary and ULXD8 gooseneck base transmitters to accommodate meeting rooms with flexible seating layouts. Up to 60 Channels with Rock-Solid Transmission. Single-channel receiver operates in the H50: 534 to 598 MHz UHF band. 64 MHz tuning range lets you run up to 60 channels at the same location in Standard mode or 90 channels in High-Density mode.

Digital Predictive Switching Diversity uses a microprocessor to switch antennas before dropouts occur. Comes with two remoteable 1/2 wave dipole antennas. 256-bit AES encryption offers unbreachable privacy-uses unique, randomized encryption key generated every time encryption is enabled. Interference detection and alerts provide instant confirmation on both the receiver LCD and WWB software when interference is present. Adding UA874 active antennas or PA805 passive antennas increases the range of your system and offers increased protection against interference.

The UA844+SWB antenna distribution system (available separately) lets you stretch the power of your antenna pairs, giving you more on-air channels in less setup time. Intelligent Hardware Simplifies Setup, Monitoring & Control. Ethernet networking enables real-time, precision monitoring and control of your system, as well as automatic frequency coordination across multiple receivers, using Wireless Workbench, SystemOn, and Axient Spectrum Manager software. Compatible with external controllers such as AMX and Creston.

Crosssubnet control-enabled for management between multiple facilities or venues. Optimized scanning automatically finds, prioritizes, and deploys the cleanest frequencies to transmitters over IR sync. Proprietary Gain Ranging optimizes system dynamic range for any input source, eliminating the need for transmitter gain adjustments. Internal limiter automatically engages to prevent digital clipping of your audio.

Unit has an individual gain control, an XLR output with switchable mic/line level, and a 1/4 output. Quick visual check using audio and RF LED meters with peak indicators. Intuitive front-panel controls with lockout feature and easily readable LCD with adjustable contrast. Remote Control: Make adjustments anywhere in the venue via the Channels Mobile App for iOS devices. Smart Power Management on Transmitters: Advanced SB900A lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with SBC chargers (both available separately) provide extended transmitter battery life over alkaline batteries, battery-life metering in hours and minutes (accurate to within 15 minutes), and detailed tracking of battery health status.

Shure ULXD2/SM58 Digital Handheld Wireless Microphone Transmitter with SM58 Capsule (H50: 534 to 598 MHz). Is a digital handheld wireless microphone transmitter compatible with ULX-D receivers. It comes equipped with the legendary SM58 dynamic capsule, an industry standard for vocal performers and presenters. The capsule features a cardioid polar pattern that minimizes background noise and feedback, and its brightened midrange and bass roll off gives you that sought-after warm and clear vocal reproduction.

With rugged, yet lightweight aluminum housing, the ULXD2/SM58 transmitter delivers pristine audio quality and RF performance, AES 256-bit encryption for secure transmission, and advanced rechargeability options for professional sound-reinforcement applications. Clear, Accurate Audio with Interchangeable Capsule. The unit delivers clear, reliable 24-bit/48 kHz digital audio over its entire 330' range, great for live performances and presentations in music venues, houses of worship, and conference spaces. The interchangeable capsule design allows you to replace the SM58 capsule with a Shure capsule that's ideal for your application and simply screw it onto the transmitter-including SM86, SM87A, Beta 58A, Beta 87A, Beta 87C, KSM9 capsules, and more.

User-Friendly Features in a Rugged Housing. The unit quickly syncs with a wireless receiver via infrared at the touch of a button. Shure Proprietary Gain Ranging automatically adjusts the mic input level, eliminating the need for transmitter gain adjustments. The power button conveniently doubles as mute switch, while preserving RF lock. Frequency and power lockout functions prevent accidental or unauthorized changes during events.

A backlit LCD with easy-to-navigate menu and controls lets you quickly access frequency, group, and channel settings, along with mute and lock status, RF output, and remaining battery life. 1/10/20mW selectable RF output power allows you to increase either the transmitter's range or the number of mics operating simultaneously. Operates for up to 11 hours on two AA batteries.

Optional Shure SB900A lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack offers intelligent power management with over 12 hours of battery life, precision metering in hours and minutes, and zero memory effect. External charging contacts allow for docked battery charging with the SBC200 dual-docking charger (available separately). The networkable SBC220 charger (available separately) allows for remote power monitoring via Shure's Wireless Workbench software.

Shure ULXD4 Single-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver (H50: 534 To 598 MHz) Specs. 328.1' / 100 m. XLR 3-Pin Male Balanced Output. 1/4 TRS Female Balanced Output.

Number of RF Channel Frequencies. Rackmount, Tabletop (with Included Hardware). 1/2 Wave External, BNC (Rear-Mount). 12 to 13 VDC, 150 mA (per Antenna). 18 to +42 dB (1 dB Steps). +12 dBV (Consumer Level, Instrument Level). 30 Hz to 20 kHz ±1 dB (Dependent on Mic). 15 VDC at 600 mA (Included).

100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz at 250 mA. Backlit LCD (Battery Status, Channel, Group, Menu Navigation). Multi-Segment LED (AF Level, Output Level, Peak).

0 to 122°F / -17 to 50°C. 20 to 165°F / -28 to 73°C. 6.7 x 1.7 x 7.8 / 171 x 44 x 197 mm.

2 lb / 0.9 kg. 18.346 x 14.882 x 3.622. Shure ULXD2/SM58 Digital Handheld Wireless Microphone Transmitter With SM58 Capsule (H50: 534 To 598 MHz) Specs. 1 / 10 / 20 mW (Switchable).

0 to 21 dB (3 dB Steps). Shure SB900A (Not Included, Replaceable). 12 Hours (Lithium Shure SB900A).

Backlit LCD (Channel, Group, Mute, RF Output Power, Sync). 10.1 x 2 / 256 x 51 mm. 50 Hz to 15 kHz. 12.75 x 4.8 x 3.45.
Shure Ulxd24/sm58-h50  Shure Ulxd24/sm58-h50